Al Arbash law firm is engaged in all legal business and activities. However, since inspection in 1969, activity focused on legal matters relating to commercial law, marine law, insurance law, and civil law.

This helped the firm gain a tremendous expertise in this field, while it’s inspection coincided with the enactment of regular legislations in the state of Kuwait.

There is no legislation in the state of Kuwait that obliges law firms to specialize in certain legal arenas, as is the case in some other countries. Nevertheless, Kuwaiti lawyers opted to stick to certain fields to precede their business.

This very policy characterized al Arbash law firm, where it restricted its restricted its business to certain legal arenas, but tackled other areas as long as they had connection to its own business.

Al Arbash law firm’s business is based in Kuwait, with co operation links with other law firms in other areas of the world, to serve its business related to other parties outside Kuwait.

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